Ten Times 2016 Showed Me The Light

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I’m sure most of you would agree with me in saying that 2016 hasn’t exactly been the banner year we all hoped for. The year kick-started with one of the most celebrated musicians and all-round good egg, David Bowie, passing away.  What followed in the next few months were the deaths of some of the world’s most loved stars, human tragedies and terror being wreaked across the planet, and a whole new batch of family, love and personal struggles for me to battle through. Yes, 2016 has indeed been dark, in fact there have been many a dark moment, but in choosing to focus on the dark we fail to see the light. However in darkness there is always light and it is the light that we should always choose to celebrate.

So, while this year has been tragic, heart-wrenchingly sad and made us question all morale in the human psyche, we have also experienced so many good moments. So many feel-good-laugh-so-much-you-want-to-cry, jump-for-joy moments. These moments deserve to be recognised and celebrated, in order to keep positivity and light in what may seem like dark and difficult times.

Here are the ten moments in 2016 that brought light to my very dark days:

1) Realising that if I slowed down long enough, I would see that the love I so desperately desired, was right there in front of me all along. Not with a significant other, but with my family, my friends, my twitter buddies and the words and characters in the stories that I write. These were my true loves and once I realised this, it shone light on what was once a very sad and dark heart.

2) Spending a weekend in the Cotswolds with my two best friends. There is nothing more beautiful than spending time in nature’s spectacular beauty and the Cotswolds, was just that.

3) When I learnt not to give a f*ck so much!

4) The day I opened up my heart and said yes to a date.

5) The day I let go of something that just wasn’t meant to be, and said yes to another date.

6) The day the Olive Fox site relaunched. Yay for happiness, wellbeing and positivity. Each day it brings so much joy to my heart when I think about the wonderful, innovative and positive community of foxes that I am lucky to be a part of.

7) Hearing the wonderful news, that my best friend was now, very much, engaged.

8) Spending the day at Thorpe Park with one of my young clients. There’s something about going to a theme park with a child, it’s almost as if their infinite energy and endless amounts of curiosity rubs off on you and you become a innocent little child filled with wonder and hope all over again. This was perhaps the best day out I have had this year!

9) The day I bought my car. As materialistic it may be, the day I was able to buy my very own car was quite possibly one of the happiest and proudest moments of 2016 so far for me. And now each time I see my car, sitting in my driveway, I am filled with the same pride and joy all over again.

10) Being able to finish work every day, come home to somewhere warm, clean and to a loving family, complete with my mum, my dad and my two annoying brothers. Having these simple luxuries in 2016, when so many people didn’t, was probably the thing that has kept me the most positive this year.

Choosing to celebrate the greater moments in life does not necessarily mean that we have chosen to forget all of the heartache. It simply means that we have decided to choose life and all that it has to offer. We are choosing to keep living, to keep happy and to keep on going. Because really, if anything in life, all we ever really have is our ability to keep on going and our ability to keep on living.

What were the moments that brought light to your 2016?

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