5 Ways That Moving Abroad Made Me Happier

I recently moved from Edinburgh, Scotland to Connecticut, USA. I moved for work and whilst it is an amazing opportunity to develop myself professionally, it’s also had a profound effect on my happiness too. Since moving out, I’ve felt so much happier and like I have a lot more energy. I’ve been reflecting a lot of what exactly it is that about it that’s made me happier and it’s really surprised me just how much of an effect my surroundings have had on my mood. So much so that it’s inspired me to share  5 ways that moving abroad has made me happier.

1. Vitamin D.

I know it sounds a bit daft but I never really got much sunshine in Edinburgh. Here in America, at least during the summer, it’s sunny almost every day. I feel a lot more energetic and I really do think that it’s down to getting more sunshine and hence vitamin D.

2. Less material possession.

I moved abroad with one 23kg checked suitcase and my hand luggage. Which was intimidating at first but honestly living out of a suitcase has been pretty refreshing. It’s really reminded me about the difference between want and need. Without as much material possession, I feel a bit freed. Especially when it comes to clothes, there’s less choice so getting dressed is much easier and everything in my wardrobe is something that I genuinely love.

3. The chance to explore at my own pace.

My new city is 50 minutes from New York City by train. When I first visited NYC I didn’t fall in love with it, and you can read about why here. Living so close means that I can go and explore at my own pace which has given me a new appreciation for the city. Even the city I live in has a massive mall, a great library and awesome parks and beaches to explore. With so much to go and see, I never have the excuse to be bored!

4. A new appreciation of what I left behind.

I really did love Edinburgh but leaving has made me appreciate it even more. I can’t deny being homesick. But I know now that whenever I return home, I’ll enjoy the little things so much more as a result of being away so long. Things like texts from Scotland, mail, phone calls brighten my day in a way that I just took for granted before.

5. Iced tea.

Ok I couldn’t be 100% serious. But honestly, iced tea is everywhere in the States and it’s so bloody cheap it makes me want to weep happy tears. Rejoice!

If you’ve ever moved abroad, how did you find it affected your mood?

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