About The Olive Fox

Here at The Olive Fox, we know that life as an adult human can sometimes be a little overwhelming as we attempt to navigate our way through of all the adult business that leaves us barely any time to actually relax. With that in mind, we decided to create a digital hub devoted simply to helping you become a happier human. Boasting three fantastic categories packed with entirely original content, we aim to entertain, support, inspire and challenge our readers, always remaining true to our underlying principles of kindness and community.


Our passion is providing a healthy balance of challenging, informative and entertaining content which will help you to navigate the tricky terrain of adult life, as well as simultaneously allowing you to relax and unwind. All without having to leave the site! Dive into our Wellbeing category for all things mind, body and soul, choose Discussion for challenging, informative, and opinionated pieces, or explore How To for tutorials, advice, and support from some of our resident gurus. Even better, why not drop yourself entirely down the rabbit hole and get lost within all three categories?!

Overall, we are hoping to building a strong and supportive community for all sorts of wonderful people and aiming to serve as a renowned source of entertainment and inspiration going forward.


The Olive Fox is the brainchild of bloggers Suzy and Beth. Initally brought together by our love of cute animal gifs, our desire to create something wonderful quickly culminated in the birth of The Olive Fox. For anybody simply desperate to know more about us, here’s where else you can find us online!

The UK Blog Awards 2016

Suzy Marie:

Suzy is a sunny northerner who loves sloths, nail varnish, and feminism. She can be found blogging about her everyday life, her travels, and her opinions over at her blog, From The Fringe.

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Beth Eve:

Beth is a sparkly southerner who loves kindness, coca-cola, and cats. Whilst she no longer runs her own personal blog, she can still be found sharing hilarious stories and pictures of cute animals across her social media channels.

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