Beauty Of Online Friendships

I like to think I’ve got around a bit online. I’ve had my fair share of profiles and accounts and personas going back over a decade now. Yes I’m looking at you Livejournal, but the less said about that the better.

It’s been fun, not to mention eye opening, but the best part has to be the people I’ve met along the way. Some of said Internet friendships have outlasted actual ‘irl’ friendships, whilst some are fairly new, but just as brilliant. And at last, what with online friendships finally becoming the norm, I don’t have a to pretend I’m chatting away to a ‘friend I met on holiday’ or a ‘cousin’ who you’ve suspiciously never heard me mention before.

So I wanted to say a big fat thank you to my internet friends, because I’m not really sure where I’d be without you.

Thank you to the ones who I’ve grown up with. The ones who I’ve watched graduate, get jobs, take trips across the world and do brilliant things.

The ones I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Cycled with on bikes that were too big for my short legs on a day that was too windy for the skirt I was wearing. Eaten pancakes and taken photos and walked round museums with.

Thank you to the ones who tell me when my outfits look good and whose outfits I think are even better. Who inspire me to write more things and better things and to simply do more. The ones who read my blog back when I balanced a camera on a pile of books, and the ones who still read it today.

The ones who I reblogged on Tumblr during my fifteen-year-old summer holidays, and now get to see as real life adults, doing real life adult things.

And thank you, to all of you, for letting me share in your moments. The new homes and new pets and new jobs and new starts, and even the not-so-great moments. There’s something so incredibly heart-warming about getting to see those who were once just a url or a username or a profile picture, as actual friends.

The Internet is a big place, and so is the world. It’s all too easy to feel alone in it all, but I’m so glad I found you all.

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