How To Change Your Life in Twenty Minutes

It’s fair to say most of us dream of changing our lives at times. Maybe not every aspect, but when we feel stuck and unsure if we’re on the right path, a shake-up is in order. I’ve never really known what I want to do with my life; I’ve always been a bit go-with-the-flow but I’ve realised that although going with the flow can be fun (you never quite know where you’re going to end up), sometimes its nice to have some direction. Although…because of this whole not-knowing-what-I-want-to-do-with-my-life thing that I’ve got going on, I don’t consciously know what direction to head towards. So at this stage I invite my subconscious to the party and I set aside twenty minutes to let it run riot.

How the hell can you change your life in twenty minutes? Here’s how…

Grab a notepad and pen, get comfy, then set a timer for twenty minutes


Write a list of things you’d love to try, skills to learn, places to visit, careers you wish you had, people you’d love to meet. Everything and anything. The key here is not to censor anything, no matter how obscure. And this is harder than it sounds. Your conscious mind will tell you its not possible for you to become a fighter pilot or a 1920’s jazz singer in New Orleans. It will tell you you’re too stupid to get a PhD in astrophysics or too unfit to climb Mount Everest. Plus you can’t afford to do any of it anyway. And that may well be the case if you were being realistic. But you’re not. Its just for fun. You’re not creating a to-do list or a bucket list or anything remotely like that. You’re tapping into the most creative part of your mind to see what’s in there. And some crazy things will come up.

Some entries from my previous lists include:

  • Be a crystal therapist
  • Get a goat
  • Go to Japan
  • Sing naked in public
  • Learn to proofread
  • Do some volunteer work
  • Learn German
  • Go on a writing retreat
  • Bleach my hair

Just a small selection but you get the idea. Many were a lot more bizarre, and indeed some were very mundane.

What next?

Stop when the timer goes off, and ignore your list for a day or two. Then, have a look and pick some that speak to you, see if you can bring a piece of them into your life. Remember, you don’t have to do everything, you’re just looking for feasible ideas to make positive changes.

Instead of becoming a fighter pilot, can you take a flying lesson, or have a go in a flight simulator?

Instead of becoming a 1920’s jazz singer in New Orleans, can you take jazz singing lessons? Or buy some jazz tunes and have a themed party?

Instead of a PhD in Astrophysics, can you take a home study course, or see if your local library has any decent books on the subject?

Instead of climbing Everest, can you join a local walking group or climb a UK mountain?

Don’t have a lot of money? Get creative! It’s not about doing exactly what you’ve written, its about identifying what you want more of in your life, and making it happen. Often, its the small changes that lead to big, exciting opportunities.

As for me?

I’m doing an online course in crystal therapy and saving for a proofreading course. I’m learning German via a cheap app on my phone, and I’ve started a savings account for a Japan trip. I’m away for three days later this month to train as a volunteer trainer, and I went on a week-long writing retreat in August where I learned loads about writing and I met other writers who are now good friends. I haven’t got a goat or bleached my hair. And I definitely haven’t sang naked in public. Some things are better left in the subconscious.

If you try this, let me know how you get on!

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  • Love this post Andrea! Definitely something I want to try and see where my brain takes me! I hope you get a goat soon…. 😀 xx

    • Awesome, let me know if you try it and how you find it! I definitely still want a goat. And I do have an enclosed back garden with a lawn that I hate cutting…..xx

  • Patsy

    It’s interesting that some of the things on your list are perfectly possible. Maybe we hold ourselves back from things we’d like to do just by not fully realising we would like to try?

    • With just one or two weird exceptions, the majority of the stuff I came up with was perfectly achievable, in one way or another. Yet there were some I never thought would be possible and some I had never even thought of before, but suddenly really wanted to try. It’s funny how the mind works sometimes.

  • Sarah Dickinson

    WOW! I may just have to try this! 😛 xoxo

    • Thanks for commenting – hope it works for you. Do let me know if it does 😀 xx

  • Rachel

    Great post, I always find myself trying to think of what I imagine my life to be and how I can get there, usually by implementing something in my life a the current time. Right now I am saving for a mortgage, but need to get a new car, so it has gotten a little more complicated than I anticipated but nevertheless I can see myself getting there.

    • Thanks Rachel. You’re absolutely right – life can get pretty complicated at times when we’ve got a lot we want to achieve but keeping track of our goals and taking small steps in the current time definitely help us get there and stop us getting overwhelmed 🙂

  • Alexandra

    Here’s mine. This was so inspiring ☺️

  • Alexandra

    Here is my list. Feeling very inspired. Thank you Xx

    • That’s absolutely awesome Alexandra, glad you found it helpful. Loads of great things on there, and definitely a few that you could start working on right now! Best of luck with it all and would love to hear how you get on xx

    • Should also have mentioned that ‘be a crocodile’ is my favourite on your list 😀 xx

      • Haha I’m no closer to that one 🙂

  • This is incredible! I’m gonna try this!


    • Brilliant Margot, glad you liked it! Let us know how you get on with your list x

  • Great tips! I want to completely change my life for good so I will definitely try this!