How to De-clutter Your Mind and Home

A messy home is a sign of a messy mind, and vice versa – it’s difficult to keep your mind clear when there’s clutter everywhere you look. If you’re surrounded with too much stuff and feel like you’re suffocating but can’t make yourself toss it away, there is a way to get out of the vicious circle. Don’t crowd your basement, attic, and rooms with unnecessary things; take some time and make order in your home, which will result wit you having a piece of mind at last.

Set the rules

Before you get started, you need to understand that there will be things you will have to get rid of, and as soon as you come to terms with this fact it will be easier to de-clutter. Basic rule applies here: when you open a drawer, a closet, or a box and inspect its contents, if the item in your hand hasn’t been used or worn for over three years, it should go out. If you’re hoping to be even stricter, you can do this for things you haven’t used for a year. The best thing is that this can apply to pretty much everything: clothes, shoes, kitchen gadgetry, trinkets hiding in your basement, etc.

Use three boxes

The easiest way to categorise things is to get three boxes (or bags): one for the items you intend to keep, one for the items you want to donate, and one for everything you want to throw away. This being said, it’s easy to go through different categories so you don’t mix clothes with kitchen gadgets and shoes with books. You might need a fourth box too for all the things you’re not really sure about, but be careful as it can easily be filled. If you notice that the box is overflowing a bit too quickly, you might have to find another approach and call for help.

All hands on deck

Making decisions is difficult as it is, and when these decisions involve getting rid of childhood memories it can become virtually impossible. When you catch yourself debating whether to keep your childhood memorabilia, art your kids made in school, and a bunch of toys, having a de-cluttering buddy with you can make it much easier. It’s best to call your close friend(s) as they can help you practice letting go of things that you no longer need. If your children are grown up, you can ask them to help you too, because if they want to toss old toys and board books, you won’t feel guilty doing it.

Develop a healthy habit

Sometimes, it isn’t too difficult to get rid of things, as it is to keep the order in your life. We make a habit out of piling things we think we need or simply like to have in our life, and after a while we end up in a cluttered surrounding once more. Adopt healthy habits which will help you maintain order once you get it – think twice before purchasing something, and adopt a one-in-one-out rule which means that for every item you bring into your home, you should get rid of another one. You can make a nice custom out of this and start gifting and re-gifting your things to your family and friends. They will appreciate the attention!

Move the things

Now that you’ve (mostly) cleared your home, how can you keep a number of items and still keep the order? Lock up storage solutions may be the answer, as these will allow you to keep all your possessions in a convenient and safe place, and you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew ruining them. The best thing is, you will have a clean and clear home and still be able to hold onto things that mean a world to you, without creating more clutter and mess.

If you catch yourself looking through a bunch of things in order to find what you need, if your closets, pantry, attic, and basement are full of things and clothes you rarely need and use, you will notice that your mind feels cluttered too. Bring order into your life and home by clearing out things you didn’t use and don’t intend on using any time soon. Letting go of lots of stuff will feel good and it will make your home look neat and great.

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