Ten Habits That Promote Happiness and Mental Strength

We’d all love to be armed with nerves of steel, positive outlook on life, and an unfailing smile, and yet it seems that the Fates have a nasty habit of throwing curveballs at us at every step. So, how do you actually become – and remain – a pillar of mental fortitude whose happiness and inner peace just can’t be shattered no matter how hairy and hapless the ride may get? Just like physical brawn, mental power and a positive frame of mind are a matter of training, religious adherence to healthy habits, and time. If you’re ready to pick up the mental barbells and start actively working on your lifelong happiness and rock-hard mental resilience, make sure to add these items to your bag of mental training tricks: it really works, as you’ll soon see.

1. Bid Farewell to Negativity

Don’t hold onto negativity: it doesn’t belong to you, and it’s only doing you harm. Swap “No” for “Yes, Please”, and ditch “I can’t” for “I want to”. Henry Ford summarised it neatly: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” By shifting focus from negatives to positives even in unpleasant situations, you’ll be burning the fat of your mental weakness and bulking the muscles of your happiness and perseverance in the face of adversity.

2. Grow A Little Every Day

Invest in your personal growth by reading and learning new things every day. That way, you’ll till the soil of wisdom and expand your horizons, albeit vicariously. Instead of wasting your time on social networks or poring over problems and worries, grab a hardback and read it from cover to cover. Behind every page of a literary masterpiece lies an entire universe that can change your perception and provide precious insights to help set your quest for happiness and motivation on the right track.

3. Do Your Work Honestly

Mentally strong people are not skivers: they do their work honestly and with passion, day in, day out. Even if you think your job sucks, do your best at it: that will help dial up your self-discipline and strengthen your core diligence muscles. When the going gets tough, the tough never give up – they grow with each hurdle destiny sets in their path, and they always rise to the top because they never do less than they actually can.

4. Mind Your Mindfulness

Mindful living is the way to go if you want to grow mentally strong without stepping on anyone’s toes. According to Kung Fu To’a Studio martial arts masters, the road to private Zen is scattered with temptations and challenges, but the only way to reach the private nirvana and grow strong on the mental plane is to stay on the mindfulness track. Martial arts, yoga, meditation, tai chi, and other ancient practices water the seeds of peace and happiness that are already inside you, so if you want to stay on the mindful track, consider taking up kung fu, aikido, or taekwondo.


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5. Clean Up the Dietary Act

Takeout food is a shortcut, and mentally bulletproof people don’t take these because they know an instant fix is usually a dead alley in the long run. By cleansing your menu of heavily processed food, sugar, and artificial ingredients, you will be bumping up your self-discipline, boosting your daily energy levels, and giving your mood a leg-up. Whoever said happiness doesn’t grow on a clean plate?

6. Work up Physical Sweat

Exercise is another tool that can speed up the growth of a master of mental fortitude in training. Regular workouts improve concentration, productivity, and brain function while boosting self-confidence and overall health at the same time. Don’t be a crybaby: show up for the training even if all you’d like to do is crawl under the blanket and take a nap. Mental strength is built on sweat – so you’d better be ready to sweat your way to a happier self!

7. Charity Goes Both Ways

Charity work has manifold benefits: by extending a helping hand to those who need support and help most, you’ll be doing yourself a dose of good, too. By doing charity, you’ll dial up your self-image and give your life a purpose beyond your own wellbeing or success. What goes around, comes around: through act of kindness, care, and support, a strong person grows on the mental and emotional plane.

8. Stage Your Nirvana Bubble

Happiness starts at home, so clean up your housekeeping act, get the energy flowing, and open the doors to bliss and comfort. Donate little-used items to charity, throw away broken china and other tidbits, and introduce a few houseplants to keep the air crispy and fresh. Doing away with hoarding habits will put an end to your storage space woes and clutter-induced suffering. In a tidy home, happiness grows fast, so make sure your personal space is your biggest strength, not just a storeroom.

9. Anger Out, Gratefulness In

Have you ever seen a mentally strong person vent their frustration on others? Of course you haven’t. The trick is: mentally strong people don’t let anger simmer silently inside them. Stop taking things personally, and even more importantly, don’t take negative things as your own at all. Break out of the cage of self-perpetuated anger: instead of thinking about things that annoy you, remember all the things you’re grateful for. It may sound silly, but it will help you deal with stress without losing it, and it’ll also help unleash your mental strength and gratitude which are essential to happiness and peace.

10. Plow the Soil of Social Life

Cultivate the land of tender, love, and care for your family and friends: even a brief phone call a day will improve your mood and remind you of the love and care you’re blessed to have in your life. Social life is an important piece of the emotional health puzzle, so don’t neglect your loved ones and do little things for those who’re close to you. TLC makes the world go round and it also makes you and those you love and care about happier campers on Planet Earth.

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