How to Cosy Up Your Backyard for Winter

Just because summer seems a million miles away, doesn’t mean that fun times in the backyard have to stop too. Fresh air and daylight will do you good, regardless of the season, so don’t give up and leave your backyard waiting for the spring. All it takes is just a few adjustments to cosy things up and you’ll be ready to enjoy the outside of your house for a little longer.


Fire things up:

So we can probably rule out the sun making us feel warm in these winter months, but that doesn’t mean you should be freezing in your own backyard. Get an outdoor fireplace or stylish fire pit either by purchasing one or making your own. Oh, and don’t forget to bring out some marshmallows to toast!

Think comfy:

There’s no reason why your backyard can’t serve as an outdoor living room so say goodbye to uncomfortable furniture. The outdoor daybed is a marvellous idea and it gets even better if you opt for a swing version. However, don’t feel that you have to throw out your old wicker or wood furniture! It will do just fine but give it a cosy touch by covering it with cushions and blankets for extra comfort.

Light it up:

Hanging lanterns will bring a nice, romantic ambiance to your backyard, as well as a feeling of warmth. Consider hanging lights and lanterns around your porch, across your fence, or on your trees. String lights will do the job as well; just make sure they emit enough light! Candles are also a great choice, especially if you opt for autumn scents, like ginger, cinnamon, or apple, or winter smells such as berries or woodland.


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Soak up the sun:

Winter can still have a lot of sunny days so why not make the most of it? All you need is a heater, some inflatable Cloud9 Loungers, a few good books, and a nice, crisp, sunny afternoon. It’s a great way to recharge your batteries after a killer week at work and with the added bonus of a vitamin top up!

Add some privacy:

Who said cabanas are only for tropical beaches?! You can recreate a cosy cabana in your own backyard to make a little private nook. Grab a bed or mattress, some cushions, colourful outdoor curtains, et voila! You’ve brought a little bit of the beach to your backyard – the perfect place to get dreaming about those summer vacations.

Make a snuggle station:

One of the best things about the colder months is undoubtedly snuggling. We all know how chilly these winter evenings can get so keeping a few blankets around always comes in handy. If you’re having friends over or throwing a backyard party, organize a snuggle station  by putting some blankets in a basket so everyone can keep themselves warm. Sat around a fire pit on some comfortable furniture, surrounded by cushions and blankets and toasting marshmallows?! Bliss!



Keep your beverages hot:

Nothing warms you up quite like strong coffee and hot cocoa (except, maybe, apple cider!) so these drinks are an absolute must for any backyard beverage station. A vacuum flask is a must for keeping your drinks warm against the cold and will ensure that your guests are always toasty.

Soften your textiles:

Soft and fuzzy is definitely the key when it comes to cushions, blankets, furniture covers and whatever other textiles you keep in your backyard during winter. When choosing materials, opt for plush, wool, and textural materials to create extra cosiness and keep out the chill.

And just like that, your backyard is ready for winter relaxation or parties! Light a fire, grab a blanket and enjoy the outdoors of your cosy home.

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