How To Rock Being Single

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I recently went on my first #Tinderdate but, not only was it my first Tinder date, it was also my first ANY date. That’s right. “My name is Heather Chambers, I’m single and a 22 year old first date virgin”, says everybody who ever went to first date’s anonymous never!

Love is a damn, funny old thing. We spend our entire childhood and teenage years believing that in order to be happy we must find our dashing prince or marry our childhood sweethearts, we’re forced to believe in a fairy tale that couldn’t be any further from the truth. I believed in this fairy tale, far longer than I should’ve done.

For over two years I struggled with insecurity, low self esteem and the saddest of sadnesses, with barely a glint of joy or hope of resolve. You see, I had this idea; that if I found love, I would be happy again…I would be complete. I believed that my not-yet-known other half was supposed to be the last remaining piece of my incomplete puzzle – oh but I was wrong and while it took me some time to realise it, I eventually did.

Now I don’t know if you guys are as naive as I was but, people of the internet, is there really anything wrong with being single? I think once I got over the dreadful thought that I didn’t need a man to make me love myself or to make me happy, I started to really enjoy the single life. So much to the point that I don’t even know if I can handle being in a relationship with another human being at this present moment, because it’s just been me, myself and I for so damn long! However my commitment issues are not the topic of discussion today, that’s another story, another day.

Anyway, if you’re still feeling a little bit meh and crummy about being a singleton, I’m here to give you a bit of a refresh and to help you realise just how wonderful it is to be single! Here are five ways to rock being single:

1. Smile:

Okay, so you’re single. It isn’t the end of the world, you know? I know it might feel like it for a few days…or weeks…or months…EVEN YEARS! But don’t ever let that dull your sparkle. Smile and shower the world with your happiness and positivity, trust me, it’ll make you feel oh-so-good!

2. Work on Yourself:

Perhaps the thing I have been able to do the most in my mammoth years of being single. I have worked on myself to no end and there’s still so much more to work on. I have learnt to love myself, at a time when I didn’t think I had any love to give. I learnt to live, when I didn’t think I had anything to live for. And I learnt to be myself, in a time where being anything but, is somehow considered the norm. Being single is great because, when you’re not working on someone else, you’re working on yourself and that really is the best gift we can give to ourselves.

3.  Enjoy Life:

During my earlier years of being single, I would put my heart, life and soul into finding a boyfriend and when it never happened, I just stopped living. I stopped doing the things that made me happy, I stopped having fun and I stopped enjoying life! Please, don’t do what I did. Just because you’re single and all alone, does not mean that your life has to stop. In fact, it means the opposite, your life is just beginning. Go on, do that thing you’ve never done before, but have always wanted to try. Go on a wild adventure into the land of the unknown or just simply spend all day in bed watching Netflix and chilling – ENJOY YOUR LIFE!

4. Go on dates:

There seems to be this negative thing, surrounding dating multiple people at once. I mean I’ve never done it, because I probably would fail miserably. I’d probably turn up early to meet Joe for lunch when really I should’ve been meeting Steve for a picnic in the park. I’m terrible at multi-tasking and I would definitely end up sabotaging myself! But who’s to say you guys can’t?! When you’re single you have the pick of the bunch. So go on lunch, brunch and dinner dates, get to know different people, especially the ones that may not necessarily be in your eye-candy repertoire, give them a try, you never know what you might find!

5. Perfect your interests:

If you’re a writer – write. If you’re an artist – paint. If you’re a singer – sing! This is the time to invest in your craft, to really take the time to become that Boss you’ve always wanted to be, so don’t waste it!

See, the single life really isn’t all that bad, it’s actually fun and almost therapeutic in a weird way. Don’t let it get you down guys, get out there and start living. Rock that single status!

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