How To Wear Colour


So, you’ve worked out your skin tone, depth and clarity (or someone like me has shown you) and you are ready to fill your wardrobe with colours you are now confident make the best of you.

It can be difficult, and sometimes disheartening, shopping for your perfect colours. The current trend may be for shades and tones which don’t suit you at all. Especially in winter if you look best in light and bright colours, like me, and the shops are filled with black, navy or grey. At least you haven’t spent your hard-earned money on anything that isn’t just right for you! If you find something which isn’t perfect, though, you can still make it work.

In How to be Colour Confident I explained that your skin tone may be cool or warm; light or deep; bright/clear or soft/muted. One of those will be dominant. If the colour isn’t exactly right, you can make it work by playing to your main feature.

If you look best in bright or clear colours, you can go a bit darker, lighter, cooler or warmer (but not too much) if the colour is bright or clear. If what you have found in the shop is your depth and tone but not your clarity, you will look washed out. So, make sure you keep it bright or clear.

A very cool skin tone will look sallow in anything with a yellow base; a warm skin tone will give a ruddy, unhealthy complexion in a blue based colour. If it is a little too light or dark, you can make it work if you are very cool (pink) or warm (peach). Be careful with the clarity, though. Too clear/bright or too soft/muted may not work out so well either.

If you are light and the shops are filled with dark colours in winter, head for scarves, jewellery and hats in your light colours. They are close to your face, so will lighten those dark coats that are in all the shops. I have a beautiful cream coat which can get grubby quickly, especially after a trip to London and on the dirty underground. But it suits me so much better than a dark coat and I shine out amongst those drab commuters! It’s totally worth the extra washing.

If you suit dark colours best and it’s the time of year when the sun is out (and so are our arms and legs!) you may also struggle to find your colours in the shops. A scarf probably won’t be an option in the warm weather, so head for the lighter colours in your wallet but make sure there is a pattern in your dark shade close to your face.

You may have to wear a uniform for work, or are attending a function or occasion where the colour isn’t right for you. The easy fix again, is to get the right colour scarf, jewellery or make up. Try to over compensate for that ‘less than perfect’ colour outfit with your colours close to your face. The further away the colour is, the less the negative impact it will have on you.

If you have discovered, with or without help, the colours which suit you best and make you feel and look gorgeous, you are ready to shop and fill that wardrobe of yours.

Happy shopping!

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