A Letter To My Younger Self

letter to my younger self
Dear My Younger Self,
I see you sitting there on the bench at school, it’s lonely. You’re 10 years old and you’re wondering what you ever did wrong to make people not speak to you. Sure you’re not loud, daring or confident, but you are kind. You wouldn’t know the first thing about being nasty, But they do, they know how to be nasty. They get to you don’t they? But yet you deny it. You tell no one so it never becomes ‘real’.
There you are, upset this time, sitting on the same bench. This time they made fun of your hair and decided that you were too embarrassing to play with. You’re crying, yet no one comes over. ‘You’re a baby’ they say. They don’t know do they? That words hurt. But most of all, they hurt more when your parents are getting a divorce. It’s why you’re crying, why you feel like your life is the worst and that it will never get better.
But it will get better. Your confidence will flourish and all these problems will iron out.
Those girls calling you names? They have nothing better to do and you are the real diamond in all of this. Shine on, be yourself and just know this: life throws curve balls at us all, you’ve just got to learn how to dodge them.
Your Older Self.
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