How To Make Time For Adventure

What if you set out on a new adventure every day? Despite your job, your evening class, your pile of washing, the phone call you promised your friend, and all of that stuff – you can make time for adventure. Why? Because you deserve a break from routine, to enjoy new experiences, and a big slice of fun! How? Well it’s easier than you might think…

Create positive energy first thing

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Whether you lie in bed for a while or jump straight in the shower, do you have good thoughts? You have the power to begin every day positively! Create a sentence that makes you feel great, awesome, excited, and everything in between. “Today is going to be a new adventure” or “Today is an exciting adventure full of opportunity” – whisper it to yourself, sing it in the shower, or declare it to the universe when you step out of the door ready for your day ahead. Say it as many times as you like. By generating this positive energy you can open your mind to seeking and creating adventure throughout your day.


Brainpop ideas

From mini adventures on your doorstep to weekends away, there is adventure for everyone. Have a think about places you’ve passed by and thought you’d love to take a look at one day. Talk to your friends and colleagues to discover new sights you’ve never even heard about. Google map your location and see what’s nearby, such as a peaceful garden square, a gallery, or a quirky coffee shop. Browse blogs and instagram photos that make you go wow! Entertain your curiosity by taking a closer look at places or things that catch your eye. Adventure can be whatever you want it to be so scribble those ideas down and get cracking.

Fit it in

Choose 7 mini adventures and plan them into your week. It might mean getting up a bit earlier, taking a proper break at lunchtime, choosing a more scenic route home, or asking your friend to join you on a day off work. Fit adventure in and around your other commitments, that way you can shake up your routine without having to cut out other important things. If planning isn’t your style, then be spontaneous and playful with your little adventures. Make your everyday life more exciting, surprising and fulfilling by looking beyond what you already know.

No excuses

Can you hear them creeping up already? Excuses about the weather, too much work, friends not showing up, not enough money, and anything else you can think of to get in the way of doing something new and just for fun. Well stop right there because there are adventures for all types of weather and salaries. If it’s money you’re worried about then create an adventure that doesn’t cost anything, if it’s too hot seek a new place that’s cool and shady, if your friend lets you down then just go for it, do it anyway! Make the challenges part of the fun.

Set yourself a challenge

Imagine what you could see and experience in one week, one month or even one year if you committed to a mini adventure challenge.Can you commit to seven mini adventures over the next seven days? If you’re feeling super up for this then why not thirty over the next month? For extra motivation you could throw in a new project, start something creative, combine it with exercise and throw in a reward at the end. This is an awesome opportunity to do more of the things you enjoy and to expand your comfort zone, even if it’s as simple as trying out that new coffee shop on your way to work.


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