One In Seven Billion

There are seven billion people in the world. That’s seven billion different personalities, seven billion different smiles, seven billion different lives, seven billion different stories. There are seven billion different and unique people on this planet and that includes you. There may be thousands of people with the same hair colour as you. There may be hundreds of people that listen to the same music as you. There may be millions of people with the same name as you. But, there is only one you and you need to remind yourself of your individuality every single day.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is comparing ourselves to others, especially in our younger years when we haven’t discovered who we really are. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, but it can be extremely unhealthy. Comparing ourselves to others takes away from our individuality. We tend to lose who we are when we are so focused on trying to be more like our peers or our friends or celebrities.

Luckily, all is not lost, there are so many ways to help you stop comparing yourself to others. It’s one of the best lessons you will learn in your younger years, and one that will stay with you, even when you’re eighty years old and playing Bingo in the local old folks home.

Changing Your Mindset:

One thing that will help you get rid of this habit is to change your mindset. Filling your mind will positive thoughts about yourself will push those comparisons out of your mind. Think about your achievements when you’re feeling defeated in college or school. Look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge the parts of your body that you love, especially when those dark thoughts about your appearance try to sneak into your mind. You are not ugly or undesirable because you don’t have a body like Beyoncé or a smile like Emma Stone. Remember that there is beauty and talent in everyone.

Culling Your Social Media Accounts:

Another great way to stop comparing yourself to others is to cull your social media accounts. Social media plays a huge role in our lives today so it is important to only follow people and accounts that make you feel good. If you’re feeling self conscious about your body maybe it’s time to unfollow some of the fitness accounts on Instagram? If you feel like you’re constantly comparing your social life to your old school friends then maybe it’s time to unfollow them on Facebook? The accounts you follow online have a very big impact on you so make sure that you are following the right ones that make you feel good about yourself. We need to remember that nobody is perfect, especially online. People will always show the positive and exciting aspects of their lives online. You’ll see the engagement ring photo on Facebook, the new job title on their Linkedin and the photo of a bright, blue sea in Spain on their Snapchat, but remember that what people post online is only a small fraction of what their life is like. Remind yourself that what you see online is never the full story, it’s only a chapter of someone’s life.

Focus on Journey:

The main thing to remember is that every single person on this planet, all seven billion of us, are on our own individual journeys. You need to focus on your own personal journey. Don’t waste your time worrying about other people’s goals and their achievements, invest your time in your own life and the things you want to do. Go horse riding if you want to. Dye your hair lilac if it makes you feel beautiful. Book a trip to London if it will make you happy. Study German if that’s what you’re interested in. Value your individuality and don’t follow the crowd, create your own path and see where it takes you.


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