How to Pack a Healthy Lunch for School or Work

Packing a healthy lunch is easy if you know how.

It will soon be time for the children to go back to school so packing a healthy lunch is super important, but I also use these techniques to pack my own lunches for work!

Organise your meals once a week:

Planning is the best way to eat healthier during the week. This helps you choose and buy your groceries in advance, so you can no longer eat fried lunches (accidentally, on purpose) nor do you have to take stale bread sandwiches to work (or give them to your children for school…)

It’s time to enjoy healthy lunches and the only way that you’d be able to do that is by knowing what you’re going to eat for lunch for the coming week. Be sure to buy a planner if you need to or simply write them down – even on your shopping list if you find that easier. Just don’t lose it!

Use small tupperware:

lunch box organisation and packing

Mini tupperware boxes are perfect for having healthy lunches. Firstly, you can’t fit too much food in them. As lunch is a mid-day meal, it’s not meant to be heavy so a light balanced lunch is ideal. Secondly, you can use tupperware to separate your healthy lunch. For example, you can have one box with sliced carrots to dip in your humous which is in a separate box so that they are both fresh when you start eating. Small tupperware also means that you can bring along with you fresh vegetables, fruit, wraps or sandwich squares without it taking too much room in your bag.

Invest in a lunch box with compartments

One lunchbox with lots of compartments is super useful. I’ve had one before that even had a cooling pack under the lid which you can take out and stick in the freezer if you wanted to keep your lunch cool during the day or transit. The individual areas allows you to bring sauces for a salad, making your healthy lunch a pleasure to eat as it tastes really fresh. This means you can even bring along extra veg or fruit as snacks if you wish to as well.

Have lots of healthy snacks:

nuts shopping planner meal

I recommend bringing healthy snacks and adding these into your own work bag or your children’s’ school bag. So not only does it mean that you or your children will not be hungry throughout the day but it also decreases the chances of impulse buying. I’m the worst for this and end up buying chocolate from the vending machine if I’m peckish. If I had some fruit and nuts or a breakfast bar in my bag though I’d be able to snack on that to fill that gap.

What do you do to pack a healthy lunch for work or school?

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