How To Get A Better Night’s Sleep – Leesa Mattress Review

Like most of you (from what I’ve seen on Twitter), I really struggle getting to sleep, staying asleep, waking up, back pain. You name it, it’s likely I’ve suffered with it. Especially the back pain (bless having a chiropractor), but most of the time I wake up restless, still tired and achy. So, in search of a better night’s sleep, a new mattress was a must.

Since moving house, I’ve been loving decorating and making things super cosy, and one massive thing my husband and I had been on the lookout for is a new mattress to accommodate 2 adults (one nearly 6ft and one who is a notorious wriggler), plus a cat who’s very greedy with the space he takes up.


On our list was that it HAD to be comfortable and supportive, and adaptable to two different sleepers. One who prefers a harder mattress, and one who prefers softer. With this in mind, I’d been scoping out an alternative to memory foam. Having heard memory foam mattresses didn’t breathe well (and made you hot and sticky), I wanted something that was a similar concept but breathable.

Enter the Leesa.

I’d seen some blog posts about the Leesa mattress* and read some reviews and it sounded like the ideal fit for our family. It has 3 layers of foam which adjusts to your body (allowing for different sleepers), didn’t have that hot and sticky feeling and would help me get that coveted good night’s sleep. Also, you get 100 nights to decide if you like it or not, and if you don’t get along with it, you can return it for a full refund.

Social Impact

One of the biggest things that appealed to me about this mattress was their Social Impact. I mentioned earlier that if you return your mattress within the 100 day period, it gets donated to a local charity (or recycled). They also take part in a programme they call One-Ten, which sees them donate one mattress for every ten that they sell. At a recent event at Mustard Tree, they donated 62 mattresses to their charitable cause. This just is right up my alley. Other upcoming projects are donating a minimum of 300 mattresses in 2017


After ordering, it didn’t take long for the delivery, and it came in a compact box, which was quite novel for a mattress delivery. Word of warning, this box is pretty heavy, so don’t try and get it up the stairs yourself (oops). It would have been quite handy if the delivery people could actually help you with it up the stairs, as if I lived on my own it would have been pretty tricky.




So, once you do get the mattress up the stairs, you get it all out of the box then plonk it down on the bed, it all starts to unravel which is pretty cool. You leave it for a few hours and it all uncrinkles and settles. Then you can do the good old fashioned flomp on the bed test. The mattress immediately felt luxurious and comfortable. But the real test would be how was it to sleep on?

How Did I Get On?

There’s no denying the Leesa mattress is comfortable. It’s adaptable, breathable and ideal for those looking for something a bit different. For reference, we have a Superking, and it allows us lots of space to wriggle around (and accommodate a cat). I’ve also noticed my back hasn’t been hurting as much, and I’m more restful. One small downside is if you’re a person who is used to/prefers really soft mattresses. For me I loved the slight firmness to the mattress, however my husband does find it a bit too firm (as he prefers really soft). Just to bear in mind if this sounds like you! It may soften up over time, but as of now one of us is definitely happier than the other.

Oh, and the cat is pretty happy with it too….

So, that’s my experience with the Leesa mattress, and if it’s something that you’re interested in, we have a code that allows you to get £50 off your order. We don’t get any commission etc for this, it’s simply a discount.

All you have to do is click this link to get your discount.







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*The Leesa mattress was sent to me in return for an honest review. All views are my own and are not influenced in any way by Leesa.