How To Stay Healthy Over The Festive Period

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, mince pies are everywhere and the champagne is flowing.  I love Christmas and everything related to it but I hate the sluggish feelings I get from overindulging.

If you want to enjoy the festive season but remain healthy and avoid a Christmas hangover, check out my five top tips below:

Be Prepared.

Christmas can be an extremely busy time.  Endless shopping trips, family outings and parties may have you reaching for the takeaway menu.  To avoid those unnecessary indulgences, BE PREPARED! I spend a weekend or evening batch cooking healthy meals on the run up to the festive season. That way you have something on hand when you need it.  90% of my meals are cooked at home using fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables.  By making larger portions and freezing them, I always have a go to meal in busy times.

Stay Active.

Remaining active can be one of the best ways to avoid a festive hangover.  Yes maintaining your full gym/workout routine may be difficult but be creative.  My favourite way to stay active over Christmas is HIIT workouts.  There are so many online YouTube videos with ideas, there really are no excuses.  Squeeze in a 30 minute HIIT workout before you leave the house and you will feel great.  Alternatively grab your family, wrap up and go for a long walk.  It is a fantastic way to spend time with family or friends but also stay active and enjoy some fresh air.


Keep Hydrated.

Dehydration can be a huge issue over the festive season.  The drinks are constantly flowing, and your usual morning glass of water is replaced with a cheeky Bucks Fizz.  Try and make sure you drink a glass of water for every alcoholic drink and always have a bottle of water with you when you are out and about.  Sipping water throughout the day is beneficial all year round but can be forgotten during Christmas festivities.  If cold water isn’t your thing try herbal tea to boost your fluid intake.

Sleep Well.

Maintaining a good sleep pattern and bedtime routine is especially important at this time of year.  During the festive period we often end up burning the candles at both ends, leading to stress and possibly weight gain.  Maintaining your bedtime routine will signal to your brain that it’s time to relax and unwind and you’ll be able to deal with the stresses of Christmas no problem.

Informed Indulgence.

This is probably one of my favourite tips and is where that all important balance comes into play.  Focus on indulging in the best treats instead of mindlessly munching on anything just because it’s there.  There always seems to be crisps, nuts, chocolates and many other festive treats around wherever you go but remember it’s totally OK to say no.  If you really want a slice of Mum’s homemade Christmas pudding or your Nan’s Apple Pie, go for it!  By indulging in your favourites, you’ll start to feel satisfied and not deprived.  Saying no to the chocolate box as it goes round for the 3rd time won’t feel so bad.

Christmas is a time to enjoy ourselves, be with friends and family and over indulge a little.  You shouldn’t feel guilty for this, following my simple tips will mean you can enjoy the festive season and feel great.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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