How To Survive Living With Your Parents In Your 20s

In today’s financial climate moving out can seem almost impossible, so its understandable that many 20-somethings, myself included, are still living at home with their parents. At times, it can be hard to not have a home of your own, especially if University life has given you a taste of independence. There are some things that you can do to make life a little bit easier not only for yourself but for your parents as well, they thought that would be well shut of you by now after all.

Pay your parents rent

No one can say you aren’t paying your way if you are paying your parents rent. Not only that, but it will mentally, and financially of course, prepare you for when you have to pay a landlord or your mortgage; they are much less lenient if you pay them late! And your parents will thank you for contributing to the household, so it really is a win win situation, even if it won’t feel like it to begin with.

Have a plan in place to move out

This is important. Obviously, everyone wants to have their own home and space eventually, just give yourself a solid plan and a goal to make it happen, even if it’s just opening a savings account. When everything gets a little bit much at home, just remember you have a plan! It just might take a little bit of time to execute is all, but you’ve got this!

Have an adult conversation with your parents about boundaries

Everyone needs time to themselves, so make sure your parents know when to leave you alone for a little while. Me and my parents have an understanding that when I am in my room, that is my alone time.

Understand and enjoy the perks of living at home

You will have taken them for granted for years, but when you move out, you will have to cook your own meals and do your own washing, so enjoy it while it lasts! Also make sure you show how much you appreciate it, your parents will be grateful for it.

Don’t shut yourself away

This is probably one of the hardest things to do when you live at home as an adult. It can be tempting to just stay in your room and revert to some kind of sulky teenager, but it’s not good for your relationship with your parents and it’s not good for your own mental health. If you really feel its getting too much, try leaving the house for a little while, go for a walk or see some friends.

Make time to talk to your parents

It’s important to remember that your parents love you and as cliché as it is, you will always be their baby, so take time to talk to them. Both you and your parents are aware that you will move out soon and as much as your parents want you to succeed, they will also miss you being there. So have dinner with your parents and tell them about your day, talk to them about any issues you are having; they will be more supportive than anyone and they will enjoy their time with you.

Redecorate your bedroom

You probably will have already done this recently, but if you still have Barbie wall paper from way back when or posters of your favourite band on your wall, ditch the decor. It will make you feel better to have a more adult place to chill.

These are just a few tips to make it easier to survive living at home, just remember its only temporary and that will (hopefully) keep you sane!

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