Surviving Summer

It’s already hard enough being a bigger gal, what with clothes not fitting us properly, having to pay extra for plus sized clothes, but now summer is approaching we have that to deal with as well. I totally know how it feels, for everyone else in your life to be counting down the days to summer and you are completely dreading it. Having war flash backs to the chaffed thighs of last summer and the under boob sweat of yesteryear. It’s tough. But do not fear, I as your fellow plus sized gal, have compiled a list of my top tips on how to combat this warmer weather and be the best version of yourself, you can be!

Thigh Chaffing

I promise, it is not just you that experiences this. Every single chunkier woman out there knows the devastating pain of a chaffed inner thigh, it sucks. You get red raw cuts and marks on your inner thighs, they get hot sweaty and rub together. It’s just so painful, however so avoidable. Now if you’re looking for cheaper remedies and have some Talcum Powder lying around that does do wonders in absorbing sweat and keeping your skin smooth. However I would invest in a few products if you’re serious about this. The first product I would recommend is Lush Silky Underwear powder. I honestly have no idea what this stuff is made of, but it is a god send. It makes your skin so soft and smooth and when I use this, my thighs NEVER chafe. If you’re cautious of putting unfamiliar products on your skin though, you can also try Bandelettes or old tights. Bandelettes are available online and are basically pieces of fabric that go around your thighs and are totally undetectable under dresses but just ensure your thighs remain smooth and never stick together

Clothing Brands

Okay so we’ve all gone into Primark and H&M in the hope of buying gorgeous, floral, summer clothes and come out with nothing because you don’t fit into their stuff and it’s pretty disheartening. But don’t be sad for too long, remember how many other women around the world share your body types and are plus sized. There are clothes out there for you, you just have to know where to look! Firstly, Simply Be is a godsend for pretty summer dresses and outfits. They have a really wide range of sizes and lots of awesome colours and styles. Not as cheap as a high street brand, however excellent quality clothes and seriously pretty items. Nextly, though not as fruitful as the regular brand ASOS plus does have a great selection of stuff! (nearly rhymed) ASOS are usually pretty on trend with their clothes and have a nice selection of summer bits. Every piece I’ve ever gotten from ASOS has been good quality and lasted me a long time. Lastly, Curvissa is a brilliant site, especially if you’re looking for good swimsuits. The good thing about them, is that they provide a really nice range of bikini’s and swimsuits that are modern, fashionable and available in a wide range of sizes!


Unfortunately I cannot recommend a product that will help you with this, it comes from within. We’ve been taught by the media, society and people around us our whole lives that big isn’t beautiful. That we should cover up in the summer and only emerge if we have the makings of a ‘bikini body.’  We’ve become insecure and doubtful about our appearances as a result and that is just wrong. I don’t care if you have the biggest thighs in the world, or your tummy jiggles more than jelly when you run. I don’t care how big or how small you are, summer is such an amazing time and you should not waste it sat inside hating yourself. Life is way too bloody short. I have cellulite and stretch marks and chunky legs, but honestly I do not care what anyone thinks of me. If I’m hanging out with people that are going to judge me, then they really aren’t my kind of people. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. Get out there and rock it

Dressing for your size

Everyone’s been there, finding out what fruit your body shape is and dressing accordingly. I mean it’s ridiculous if you think about it, human beings are so different and original and you shouldn’t be trying to fit this mold of what your body should fit into. I could sit here and tell you to dress for your size, to wear this type of dress because it makes your ankles look less fat. But the truth is, so what if your ankles are fat? You shouldn’t wear anything because someone else expects you to. You should wear whatever you want to, wear whatever is comfortable and whatever makes you feel good. It’s tiring having to find outfits that are figure flattering and suit you and fit you. Just focus on wearing what you want and what you find comfortable in this hot weather. Don’t worry if you’ve been told crop tops aren’t for bigger girls or shorts aren’t ‘flattering’ on you. It’s bloody warm and you can wear whatever it is you want!

Lastly, please remember that being plus sized shouldn’t stop you from living your life this summer. Don’t listen to other people who will try to shame you, you are fabulous and gorgeous and you are the only one in control of your body. Don’t let society tell you, you can’t enjoy the sun. Get outside, slap some sun cream on and have fun. Before you know it, it will be Autumn and you’ll have wasted the summer being afraid…



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